Stewards SoleraInspired by the Solera systems used to age Sherry, the Steward has begun using this concept for aging his Bourbon Whiskey. A Solera is a system for aging product, in which the casks of the older product are topped off by the product of the next oldest casks.

Like making a stew or sauce, the Steward believes that letting the different ages and flavors mingle before bottling creates a greater depth of flavor. The Steward donates 10% of the net profits from his brands to charity.

We combine three distinct mashbills (grain combinations) from Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana from different years (2000, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007). These barrels are joined with 3 different mashbills of Colorado craft Bourbon made at Woody Creek Distillers from locally grown, milled, fermented, and distilled grains. Together there are 8 distinct Bourbons in the Solera that combine to create this most unique spirit.


When are we going to drink some of this delicious goodness?
Powder Room
Hello, is your whiskey available in Georgia? If so, who distributes it?
John Meck
Love this Whiskey!!!! It’s the only one I will drink for the rest of my life!!
George Eder
Great, great bourbon whiskey!! Our family loves it!
Annette Gelhaar