As summer comes to an end, campers at Rocky Mountain Village enjoyed the last few weeks of zip-lining, horseback riding, rock climbing, fishing, and crafting. However, on Thursday, July 31 campers had the pleasure of participating in a different camp activity.After the fellows were measured for their tuxedoes and the ladies headed to Jake’s Place to pick out dresses, it was time to get cleaned up and head to Prom RMV style. “The Greatest Show on Earth,” was this year’s theme and was complete with elephants, lions, and giraffe cutouts. There were even enough cupcakes, root beer floats and sweets to give anyone a sugar rush!

As the campers anxiously waited outside the door for prom to begin, DJ West and our own camper DJ Allen searched for the perfect opening song to welcome all the campers into the “circus ring.”

Prom at Rocky Mountain Village is much more than getting dressed up, picking out flowers, having a great dinner, taking lots of pictures, and dancing the night away. It is a chance for campers to experience a life event, a rite of passage if you will, that many have not experienced. Camp counselors assisted campers in getting out of their wheelchairs to boogie down with their friends.

It is because of exceptional individuals like yourself that Easter Seals Colorado is able to offer such life changing and rewarding activities for our campers of all ages. We are grateful for your generosity and sensitivity towards Easter Seals that allows us to continue to make prom be a highlight of a camper’s summer. With happy hearts we thank you for your donation of $1,000 (check #171 on 8/8/2014) from your recent promotion of Woody Creek Distillers and The Stewards Solera Bourbon.

Warm regards,
Lynn Robinson
President and CEO