The Name

soleraThe Steward is the wish to give back. We created a concept where the first 10% of profit would go to charity: (the charities include Easter Seals, Cerebral Palsy, Cancer Research, EHCC, Mathew’s Party, Denver Rescue Family Rescue and The Crossing). The Steward also refers to the definition: a person who manages others property or sees to their needs. Getting product from different states of different ages felt much like a wine steward searching to get a client the best product. The Solera part of the name is just to describe the aging process.

The Label

solera-labelA Colorado artist (Marlene Feinholz) was chosen from hundreds of artist searched to be able to depict a solera artistically but in a way that would help show the process. The graphic artist (Jessica Smith) is gifted and also located in Colorado. The neck hanger uses hand tied leather.

Marlene Feinholz was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington. Her mother was a painter, her grandfather a sculptor and her stepfather a writer. They all set examples of creativity around her and encouraged her at a young age to draw. Marlene always knew that painting was her passion. She studied with a number of artists that she admired and that are known worldwide.